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Wouldn’t it be sweet ??


Wouldn’t it be sweet ??

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Dowling Duncan and redesigning the American Dollar:

Why the size?
We have kept the width the same as the existing dollars. However we have changed the size of the note so that the one dollar is shorter and the 100 dollar is the longest. When stacked on top of each other it is easy to see how much money you have. It also makes it easier for the visually impaired to distinguish between notes.

Why a vertical format?
When we researched how notes are used we realized people tend to handle and deal with money vertically rather than horizontally. You tend to hold a wallet or purse vertically when searching for notes. The majority of people hand over notes vertically when making purchases. All machines accept notes vertically. Therefore a vertical note makes more sense.

Why different colors?
It’s one of the strongest ways graphically to distinguish one note from another.

Why these designs?
We wanted a concept behind the imagery so that the image directly relates to the value of each note. We also wanted the notes to be educational, not only for those living in America but visitors as well. Each note uses a black and white image depicting a particular aspect of American history and culture. They are then overprinted with informational graphics or a pattern relating to that particular image.

$1 – The first African American president
$5 – The five biggest native American tribes
$10 – The bill of rights, the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution
$20 – 20th Century America
$50 – The 50 States of America
$100 – The first 100 days of President Franklin Roosevelt. During this time he led the congress to pass more important legislations than most presidents pass in their entire term. This helped fight the economic crises at the time of the great depression. Ever since, every new president has been judged on how well they have done during the first 100 days of their term.


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On a lighter note, I’ve found when it comes to the races it’s going to be hard to pick a favorite. Their backgrounds makes them all equally worthy of fear, contempt or horror!

Humanity has gone from the divinely anointed master of everything to a tragic has-been recluse who hides away in their gated kingdom playing dress-up like Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Prime exports now limited to hair care products and confetti. A life of solitude could be the best thing for them honestly since whenever they have a war they seem to solve it through a mass suicide before their enemies can properly get to them.

Norn exist in a state of constant, deep-seated insecurity that can only be treated through histrionic acts of brutally killing and stuffing anything that moves, then bragging about it in detail. This is done during the time not spent in schizophrenic episodes where they talk to invisible spirits or have complete breaks with their identity and turn into wild animals. If they had elements of OCD they’d be grown in vats for psychiatrists to practice on.

Asura society is pretty much a loosely networked think-tank of competitive supervillains who are ambivalent toward those more amoral avenues of science, like eugenics or induced slavery. Whatever unity they have is based mostly through a sense of racial superiority and a need to create the biggest most horrible thing ever. In keeping with these high standards, Player Characters of this race can buy a utility skill that allows you to literally place devices that exist solely to emit deadly radiation.

Sylvari are hormonally overloaded teenage plants who have sex with everything using whatever ungodly plant genitals they have underneath their lettuce-leaf loincloth things. Living in some cultist hippie commune and raised by a single parent with no dad in the house has naturally led large numbers of these incestuous emotionally labile degenerates to go goth and start cutting themselves and torturing animals just like Santorum warned us they would.

We’re left with the Charr, the race and culture in ascension. They’re hyper-nationalists who’re revolutionizing warfare through industrial production and believe in a state of constant conflict as necessary to building character in their youth. As if all of this wasn’t worrisome enough they’re also Manbearcats.

Good Luck, Tyria!

—  Junkfist, on the Races of Tyria. (via tensokuu)


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This must be how engineers are supposed to propose. 

Damn straight. We make our own rings.



This must be how engineers are supposed to propose. 

Damn straight. We make our own rings.

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Actual Dr. Bruce Banner on Colbert Report talking about environmental protection. 

This man is just too adorable for his own good.

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High Expectations Asian Father


High Expectations Asian Father

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